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A fractional CFO service like SiliconCFO can perform any of the tasks that a traditional CFO might handle. To be more specific, using fractional CFO services for startups can help your business cover every task a traditional CFO may perform, as well as some benefits that you might not see elsewhere. Here’s a selection of ways working with a fractional CFO service could help your startup flourish.

Receive Startup-Specific Guidance

The work done by a CFO at an established business may have some significant differences from the work they’d do at a startup. After all, the strategies, cash flow, and funding sources are…

Will Stringer, CEO of Chisos, found SiliconCFO in August 2020 and within just a few weeks had hired one of our CFOs, Ken Aseme, onto his team. I caught up with Will a couple of months later to hear about his experience hiring a fractional CFO.

Jacob Sheldon: Tell me about your startup!

Will Stringer: Chisos is an investment platform that provides funding for idea-stage and side-hustle businesses. Chisos uses a Convertible Income Share agreement to write checks of $15k to 50K for early-stage founders. We look for companies that don’t fit the “grow at all costs” venture capital funding…

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Engaging with the ideal CFO for you

This is the last article in a series about Fractional CFOs. In this article, we explain what founders should know about hiring a fractional CFO for their startup.

Take their rate and your budget into account.

Some fractional CFOs are sensitive to their hourly rate, while others are more interested in getting a monthly fee structure in place to give them more predictability in their income. As a startup, you also need to make sure you are getting the right output for your money. …

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Founders should take their time to find the right CFO for their startup. Hiring the wrong CFO can result in countless problems. It’s important to choose a CFO that fits your needs, work ethic, and experience requirements. Finding the right CFO for a startup is a tough task and is the main reason why siliconCFO exists!

What might trigger your search for a startup CFO

  • Need to create a financial model for fundraising.
  • Need bookkeeping oversight.
  • Need a general financial advisor.
  • Need in-depth financial analysis and planning.
  • Need regular cash flow forecasts.
  • Need fundraising assistance and connections.
  • Need help with financial operations.

These are just some examples of why…

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Fractional CFO services for startups is not a brand new industry, but it is clear that it is the future of financial services for startups.

How they work within startups

Fractional CFOs provide on-demand finance advice to startups and small firms. You can hire a Fractional CFO as a member of your team or simply bring one in for a one-time project such as financial modeling or pricing strategy.

The most common engagement I see at siliconCFO is when a startup hires a Fractional CFO to take charge of the financial operations and financial management. This is usually after a Seed or Series A stage…

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A fractional CFO is a Chief Financial Officer who works part-time for multiple companies, handling various financial operations and financial management responsibilities for each one. Fractional CFOs allow for smaller companies, including startups and small businesses, to get expert financial help without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for a full-time CFO.

Fractional CFOs are usually paid on a contract basis, many times with a monthly retainer agreement involved. The most common use of a fractional CFO is within early-stage startups.

Who are fractional CFOs?

Fractional CFOs are finance experts, strategists, and operationally minded. Many fractional CFOs do part-time CFO work for…

“It’s lonely being a part-time CFO out there.”

That’s what one of the new users of said after joining the newly established Slack community. Being a part-time or full-time CFO can be lonely, and there aren’t many options online for meeting other CFOs. was created exactly for this reason. The community brings CFOs into one place to network, share ideas, and ask questions. It’s an inclusive, collaborative space for part-time and full-time CFOs from around the world.

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We at siliconCFO created because we wanted to bring the same type of community that’s widely available for startup founders…

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After starting multiple startups, I learned that I can almost always accomplish what I want for free or dirt cheap. Following the lean startup methodology and bootstrapping are crucial while my projects are in the pre-Seed stage when expenses are coming directly out of my pocket. Trimming unnecessary expenses is especially important right now for many early-stage startups as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc.

The Lean Startup Stack came together throughout the past two months, as my clients at siliconCFO responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by cutting as many costs as they could. …

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Last Updated on August 19, 2020.

The past few weeks have flipped the business world upside-down, especially for those who have businesses that require in-person interactions. Governments, corporations, and other organizations have started to wonderfully respond by offering massive amounts of relief resources for startups and small businesses.

Businesses can be made in the upswing after a recession, but they often need to make sacrifices and take advantage of as many resources as possible to make it through the trough.

My simple advice:

  • If your revenue has dropped, you should cut your expenses. Stay cash-flow positive if possible.
  • If you…

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Part of my job as a part-time CFO is to make sure my clients aren’t overspending. Some of my clients are incredibly lean already, but others spend like it’s an addiction. This guide won’t tell you what and what not to spend money on, but it does discuss various offers and ideas for running your startup in a lean way.

Time Sensitive Offer

Most notably, American Express has an offer still available for the Business Platinum card that is unmatched in my lifetime (trust me, that’s not enough hype). According to its Offer Terms, you get WeWork Platinum Global Access for a year…

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